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i love them! sorry mama. what would they do for a round bootie, do ya think? love the raspberry ov kiddo dress. i like the ruffled boys shirt for dressy, but not so much for every day, but that's just me. aw heck, in fun colors maybe every day would be super cute too.
i don't have any recommendations for what you're looking for, but i really love our chico bags.
you sure could be! or the early pregnancy like feelings could also be signs that your fertility and/or AF are are on their way back. i have been in the same boat lately. after my first child, i had the depo shot and it seriously screwed me up and i did not get AF back until after he had weaned, at like 22 months. i got pregnant again immediately. after my second, i got AF back at 3 mos pp. this time, my babe is almost 6 months old and no AF still. every...
a pipe dream for me, but i'll lurk along.... what is the "chicken underground"?
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleLlama Oh my, yes, not pregnant. I have been noticing that the uterine contractions have been much stronger after this baby than with my first. Do you suppose the leftovers were contributing to that? i just wanted to comment that afterpains are MUCH worse after second (etc) babies than after first babies. that is normal. personally i would be worried to pass such a large clot 3 days pp, but i am not an...
keeping the little ones and their family in my prayers.
that is really nice to hear!
i kind of think of myself as an athlete but i was never a superstar at anything. my favorite sport is lacrosse, but i haven't played in years now. i started playing in 9th grade and played throughout high school. i wasn't great, but i didn't totally suck and i really liked it. the college i went to had the best women's lacrosse team in the nation and i SO wasn't of that caliber! they had a club team too though and i played on that. now, i don't "play" anything...
i am so very sorry mama. Aaron
preemie prefolds are perfect for post-partum.
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