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I am looking for a place in Northampton for my two almost five year olds for the summer. People's Institute has room for two in their kindergarten classroom (always tough to find a place to take two!), so I am tempted to just sign them up, but wanted to know a little more about them before I complete the paperwork and write a check. Anyone have experience with them? Any other suggestions for summer childcare in Hamp?
Our GI specialist mentioned acupuncture but said they tend to do acupressure in kids. I know he's been through a lot of testing and it breaks my heart every time. If he didn't scream in pain on a daily basis, I'd just let it run its course and take the wait-and-see approach, but I hate to see him in so much pain... especially since he wants to be left alone and won't let me cuddle him or rub his back or anything when he feels so awful What's a mom to do? Thank you...
Yes, they did a HIDA scan on Tuesday. He's also had two upper endoscopies, a flexible sigmoidoscopy, full colonoscopy, two abdominal ultrasounds, a barium swallow, allergy testing and countless blood draws and stool tests to try and figure out what is going on. His gallbladder ejection fraction was about 30%. How did you stumble across the Vitamin E suggestion? I have been doing as much research as I can and it seems like lap choly is everyone's choice for treatment,...
Quote: could you please provide a reason behind this statement or evidence? Honestly, I have no idea whether or not it is safe for babies, I just had a lingering question in the back of my mind (thought I remembered hearing that somewhere, but who knows where, as it was a long time ago) as I was writing my black strap molasses suggestion and wanted to make sure that the original poster looked into that before she gave it to her little one. Just a...
Black strap molasses. I am not sure if it is safe for babies (think it might have botulism spores, similar to honey), but it ought to be safe for you and has a huge iron level. Good luck!
Does anyone have any experience with this issue in a child? My 4 year old was just diagnosed with it and there doesn't seem to be much information on the issue with regards to the pediatric population. Would love to hear from another parent!
There is a possibility that I might have to move somewhere near Enfield/Hartford for work soon. Anyone have an information about good neighborhoods to live in, good daycare/preschools/nannies/childcare? Must see places or things? Any other advice? TIA!
Walking/biking/running/etc the Norwottuck Rail Trail might be fun!
You also might want to check out Northampton Wellness. I don't have experience with ADHD, but we saw a doctor there for food allergy-type issues and I really liked her. I know that the guy who runs the center is a DAN.
Anyone's little one on this inhaled medication?
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