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I know what you mean. My identical twin boys are 11 yrs old and with every year that passes it seems that twin's are becoming more and more common. As far as being a freak show, I've found other people's reactions to my boys rather interesting. People are always interested and curious and the boys seem to absorb that pretty well. Overall they're very social and enjoy it. Having twins has certainly been a blessing!
I don't see many people nurse in public around here, but I don't think too much about it because I don't nurse in public. Not because there's anything wrong w/ it, but just because I prefer to do it in private. I don't know why I'd rather go do it in a bathroom or my car but I do. Also, I hold my daughter all of the time. We're literally joined at the hip. She sleeps w/ me and I lay next to her during naptime. She'll be 1 in 6 days and I've only left her once to go to...
I'd actually like to hear everyone's reviews as well. I've been looking into these, and I want to purchase some but hate to spend the money if they're not worth it (or if there are other cheaper brands that work just as well). Stacie
Congratulations on hitting 1K! I feel like such an underachiever. lol
I didn't realize that I really WOULD turn into my own mother. lol
I agree. She is always holding him. She appears to be a natural in attachment parenting, just not so much in the common sense department. Some of it is just her age. Not all young people lack common sense, but it is definitely something we as humans tend to fine tune with age.
I read awhile back that when you nurse, your body holds on to it's fat stores. It's the body's way of making sure you can nurse in case it is ever deprived of food. My body definitely seems to work this way. I can never get rid of all of my extra weight in the middle until I'm done nursing. My daughter will be 1 next week but if she's anything like my son, she won't decide to quite nursing for a couple of years yet. Stacie
Huge congrats on your pink bundle!
Congratulations! So happy for you.
You're exactly right blissmonkey..they are trying to cover their behinds. I'm so glad that you had better news from the doctor.
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