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She definitely doesn't sound like she was very supportive or helpful. I don't blame you one bit for being disheartened by it all.
Wow. So glad you both are okay. ((hug))
She's definitely ahead of the game. Her kindergarten teacher is going to be thrilled!
Yay! Congratulations to him! He must have been so excited. How neat.
I'm a cosmetologist and I guarantee it will look better once it's cut. It probably needs to be shaped up, and it will most likely look thicker too. When the ends get ratty it lays flat. I say go for it!
It sounds like a cute little book. I'm writing the title down and I'm going to pick it up. Can't wait!
I know what you mean. I definitely don't have the same sense of self that I used to. I'm a wife. A mother. But who am I as a person? I'm certainly not the teenager I once was. I've evolved..but to where? I'm a better person, I do know that...I just don't know who that person is exactly when she's stripped of all her titles. I've lost spontaneity in my life...I've lost my goofiness (is that even a word?). I'm much more serious. And that's not a bad thing at all, but it...
My kids range in ages from 13 on down to 9 months. I'm just happy to know that I am always here for them....whether it's taking them to and from school, picking them up when they're sick, making all of the school functions....or with my youngest, being able to nurse on demand, being able to play, and even just being able to watch her sleep . I also like knowing that I haven't missed anything along the way.
My dd definitely does this. My boys never missed a solid meal though! lol I'm not really sure about the period though. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get it this month if your son continues to nurse so often.
Just chiming in to say that I successfully vbac'ed w/ an OB twice (2 different doctors).
New Posts  All Forums: