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Welcome! As you can see from my # of posts, I'm somewhat of a lurker as well.
Great reply electra375. I completely agree!
Yep. I'm guzzling the water and trying to keep my carbs around 50-60 a day. It isn't quick but I am progressing. DD is 9 1/2 months old and I have about 8 lbs to go. stacie
Thank you so much for responding. It looks like I've been here long enough, but that I need to start speaking up more. I can do that!
Like everyone else I could just not leave this post without posting and offering some moral support. Reading your story made me literally ill, but I was so incredibly proud of you for speaking up to the police the second you saw them. So many other people tend to second guess themselves, especially when it involves a friend (or a neighbor). You were very proactive and that is so wonderful. I know it must be so hard having your husband so far away at this time, and not...
How do I access the co-op board? Any help is greatly appreciated! Stacie
Hey there and welcome! I'm not new, but I haven't really got my feet wet either...lol. Hope to "see" you around!
Everybody is certainly more creative with their names than I am. Mine is pretty boring!
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