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If you're willing to pick up 90 miles north of the cities in Sturgeon Lake, there's a guy named Abe Mach who raises grass fed angus beef and has them butchered locally. His web site is still under construction, but contact info is there: http://alfalfacowpie.com/ We've bought quarters and the quality is excellent. In fact, we're having steaks tonight! :
Look up Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. They have some great live videos on YouTube with a wide variety of instruments (banjo, saxophone, steel drums, bassoon, tabla, drumitar, bass).
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeanne D'Arc I have already posted this on a few forums here, but for me it is SO important I really want to be clear when I say this is a life changing documentary. So far they haven't released the whole documentary, but the clip and webpage give a good synopsis of the film and information being presented. Lyme itself is a very political illness, and it is a shame too, for all the people who are suffering from it....
Thanks bigeyes! I asked because I suspected I was "self medicating" with alcohol. Even though I don't like the feeling of getting drunk, and I don't like the taste of most alcohol, I tend to respond to stress by drinking (at home, in the evening, rarely so much that I'm hung over). I'm trying to taper off alcohol, but maybe now I know why it's so difficult. I agree, the Internet has been a huge help to me in researching my symptoms when doctors brush them off. Now I...
Bigeyes- you mentioned that smoking raises cortisol. Does alcohol have an effect on cortisol as well? It seems I read somewhere once that it does. Subbing- I'm also on the thyroid thread, there is so much to learn!
There is a very large thread in Health and Healing dealing with adrenal fatigue: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=685848 Hope this helps!
FrannieP- That looks interesting. Thanks for posting it! I have a question about magnesium. I think someone here, or maybe it was on the thyroid thread, mentioned that you should not take combined calcium/magnesium supplements because the body will not absorb both at the same time and calcium usually wins out. Does anyone know more about this? And are there any recommendations for a good magnesium supplement?
I have been taking cats claw (Samento) for a month, gradually increasing the dose to 8 drops a day. In the beginning I felt nothing, but this last week has been hell. Achy all over, very moody (especially on Christmas eve ) and I have way more eye floaters than normal. My theory is that this means the bugs are dying off and temporarily overwhelming my system. I wouldn't feel this bad if there were nothing there, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by PrayinFor12 Flutemandolin, There is? Really? Are you sure it IS accurate or do they just say that. I mean, they say that about the human tests too. If that info is right, I totally don't get it! When I took my dog in to get neutered a couple weeks ago, they asked if I wanted to have him tested for Lyme and a few other things. Since he's an outdoor dog (Siberian husky), and we live in a high risk area for Lyme...
subbing I have a lot to write when I have more time, what I want to say now is this: How is it possible that there is a quick, accurate Lyme test for dogs, and a vet will not hesitate to prescribe antibiotics for a whole month if the test is positive, yet we HUMANS who are suffering can't get a diagnosis or treatment?
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