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What sort of material does one use for tea towels?  Does Hobby Lobby, Hancock, or Walmart sell flour-sack cloth?  Does it go by another name?
I am just now, this minute, learning to embroider.  I bought some tea towels on line, and while they were cheap, the quality matches the price.  So thin!   Anyone with any good deals on where to buy tea towels in bulk?  I mean, in lots of 12-24, I'm not talking hundreds.  They don't have to be the absolute highest quality, but not the lowest, either.
Good thought. I'll look around for that. Does anyone use anything else to add protein and nutrients? Ground flax seeds? Nutritional yeast? I realize the powdered protein is by nature processed, but I was looking for the least processed as possible, and am interested mixing this up a little bit.
Flu is mandated at my facility, and most of the area facilities as well. If you refuse or are unable to get the vaccine, you must wear a mask from the beginning of October until the end of March. You cannot take it off when you are in pt care or public areas of the facility.
Particularly in the summer, I live off of smoothies. But often my smoothie ends up being a lot of carbs/too sugary, and not enough protein. I'm looking for some sort of protein powder or high protein meal replacement powder I could add to these shakes to increase the protein content. So many of them are chalky, taste funky, or are full of crappy ingredients; I don't want to purchase a container of any type without some recommendations? Any thoughts? Thanks!
Just FYI, I ended up finding a deal on a compact, stackable Maytag washer and dryer. Part of the problem was the ceiling in the laundry room was 6' 3"; these two fit with about an inch and change to spare. Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it!
You will do clinicals for PT and OT in healthcare settings, and will be required to get vaccinations. It's a rare phlebotomist who works in a place that doesn't require flu, hep B, MMR, and other vaccines. Maybe at a private research lab. Around here phlebotomy is simply a job you are hired for, and then you receive on the job training. Paying for a course would be a waste of money (in my geographical area). OP, any program that would have clinicals which placed you...
I worked three 12 hour night shifts for most of the last 16 years. When the kids were little (before they were old enough for school), I worked Fri through Sun, 12 hour night shift. It worked great for me at the time. Everyone (mainly our families) were always harping about how bad it was for our relationship and social life. it wasn't. if anything, it made my husband sup secure in his parenting skills, and he has a great relationship with our girls. while we didn't...
Traveled for the first time via train this summer. In the US, that is. Just an FYI, it is not like Europe. I expected prices to be fixed. I looked them up online before our trip, and the fare for our leg was 80/person. The day we arrived at the train station, the tickets were 250/person. When I told the woman at the counter that I expected 80/person tickets, she thought I was an idiot for not buying them at the time I looked them up. Well, I've only ever traveled...
Also, I'm trying to fight my tendency to be attracted to bright, shiny objects.  Really, I'm like a ferret or a raven.  It's NEW!  It's FUNKY!  It's EUROPEAN!  Why wouldn't I want it!?   Thanks for helping me find balance!
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