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I feel like working as a nurse is difficult enough that I need to really *like* my job to do it. If your partner really enjoys the ER, it may not be the best idea to switch. You say he has one day a week for school, and one day for meetings. Would he still do these things if his schedule changed? I think part of the problem is that it's just hard for you right now, with kids your children's age, to have to parent sometimes without him. There will *always* be...
Wow, there are some great suggestions here. I just want to add that if you have a particular area of interest or work, check out podcasts in your area. I'm a nurse, and I listen mainly to ICURounds. I also have been listening to Coffee Talk Spanish, to try to learn a little something.
I agree with all of the above except the "pain in kids is never muscle related". That's bunk, I'm not sure in what context the physician would say that. Muscles that are injured respond in the same way, whether it is a child or adult--inflammation and resulting pain. While I agree it could be some sort of orthopedic injury, I don't think it *has* to be. In addition to the above suggestions, a couple of other things crossed mind: Anemia: If she's exercising a lot...
Quote: Originally Posted by katiecat I do think books 3, 4 and maybe 5 were the best but maybe it's just gone on too long now. I did just read the part where she kept Hunter overnight and that was cute. I enjoy the action parts (though I totally agree about her getting beaten up too much it gets dull) but also like the more "everyday" stuff like her going to work, interacting with her friends and others in town. I do love Eric and, I don't know if it...
A big cemetery. There are roads, turns, intersections....just not a lot of traffic. That's where my kids learned to ride their bikes, ride the scooter, and now how to drive.
I can't believe no one has mentioned Battlestar Galactica! The women kick as much a$$ as the men, the social commentary (what it means to be human, religion, how to organize politically/socially/militarily after an apocalypse, etc), it's just great. AND it has an ending. There are four seasons, and they knew it wasn't renewed when they made the fourth season. So the entire fourth season wraps up many unanswered questions, and the finale is truly a finale.
Just FYI, Fran is still attending births.
Yes, Ma'am. Go read it so we can discuss it!!!
Thank god we live in a dumpy little part of town. Everyone does their own thing, drives slowly to avoid all the kids running wild in the street, and accepts that a (wo)man's home is their castle. I want to paint my house fire-engine red? Sure, it's my house. My kids want to LOITER in the street? Fine, they'll be able to hang with the all the other kids who run around. A ball goes into my yard? Come and get it. If I have a problem with you, I'll tell you. If...
Anyone read it yet? Want to discuss it?
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