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There's a job thing next week. It's a really long shot. But, should I consider it more seriously for any reason? Thanks!
Will I pass this test soon or should I give it a break and try again later? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride When do people get off, then? You have to get up and walk to the door while the bus is moving. The bell (singular) is situated in the back door only, so you need to be there early enough to press it. The driver does not stop if the bell is not pressed. Most people ascend through the front door and only descend through the back door (unless they're elderly or with a baby, etc.) so actually the flow is...
I stick to one a day, unless it's very hot. For DS the only rule is that the sun must be gone. That keeps him from insisting on taking baths all day long. Then, for my sanity, I usually join him in the tub for a good hour until he's totally tired out. Works for both of us!
Maybe another baby? When? Thanks!
Hehehe. FWIW, I'm a barger. I would say I've been culturally programmed to try to cram myself into public transportation as soon as I possibly can. I really don't understand that roundabout way of waiting for the bus yet not in line and then just walking leisurely to the door, and even more, waiting until the bus has stopped completely to decide if perhaps this is where I would like to get down, and yes, oh why not, go through the front door. So I guess I have the...
What's up with my weight? I'm running out of things to blame! Thanks.
Our dust mite cover is waterproof but doesn't make us sweat, and it doesn't crinkle. Plus, it has elastic like a bedsheet so we don't need to remove the mattress to get it out, and it dries easily on the delicate setting of our dryer. We got it from Amazon, it's the Sleep tite brand, and it's been just great to cosleep with our almost potty trained DS. None of the urine has passed through to the mattress, but it's still absorbed by the cotton layer of the cover.
Just wanted to know if you feel I'll have anything exciting happening this year (e.g. moving, new job, baby, weight loss, etc.) or if I should keep trying to make the most out of what I have now. Thanks!
Phantom India You can see one of my favorite bits here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWPIylNm4jc
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