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I understand feeling like you missed out on the first part of your baby's life. I missed out on mine to PPD--many of my memories are negative. I definitely mourn the loss of those memories.
What a horrible situation you were in. That sounds truly frightening. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Personally, I would not sue. I would definitely write letters to everyone I could think of but I would only sue if there was going to be monetary cost to me due to permanent damage. Suing for money because of distress doesn't make sense to me. The money won't change what happened. I hope I don't sound callous when I say that because I don't want to minimize...
I just can't fathom running up that much debt and not having an education or a car something else to show for it. I'm anxiously awaiting an update on his response to the DCSS papers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Still_Snarky found out last night that bk has $27K (THOUSAND!!!) in credit card debt. he and i never owed a penny to anyone. that is on top of the thousands of dollars in cash he's blown and the original $6K he took from our savings. makes me and also a little bit oh no! You won't be responsible for any of that in the divorce will you? I can't believe he's blown that much money in so short a time. I guess trips...
Quote: Originally Posted by Still_Snarky i'm dating a man now. he picked me up and put me on the countertop and kissed me this afternoon when he stopped by. Oh my... that's hot stuff! I'd be all : in the best possible way!
I think your response was very appropriate. Have you written your letter to corporate yet? I'm interested to read it and hear how they respond.
Yay!!! I can't wait to hear more! I'm living vicariously through you, being an old fogey married woman. Those first weeks/months are so much fun!
Like you, I've realized that it was way worse when we sit up to nurse as opposed to side-lying. I think that her head just doesn't fit under my breast anymore (yes, under. they're just shaped that way)... So I'm just trying side-lying only and we'll see how that works. I figure that it must just be the latch in those positions and no amount of re-latching is helping. *shrug*
Quote: Originally Posted by WatermelonSnow And if you want to hear about my ex's most recent self-incriminating act, just PM me . It's both and at the same time! Ahem, or you could post it here.
bump. anyone?
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