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I think it's an okay phrase. But yeah, it can be overused. I tend to say it a little differently. I say "because I'm your mama, and I asked you to." or something like that. I do expect my child to respect me because I'm her mama. But I try not to be mean about it.
I am a full time student and single mom. My (then 4) dd and I both got pneumonia last fall semester. I was sick or she was sick for an entire month. Also at this time, my relationship with my bf got really rocky and he left (only to come back and then leave again, permanently.) So then I was depressed on top of it. Long story short, I was a WRECK and I took straight incompletes. I have made up all but one of them. When you're a single mom and student, you just have...
I would be hesitant too, in that situation. I think it depends on the child's behavior. I can trust my daughter to sit in her seat and follow directions. But we have other kids in the family who would be jumping around and endangering themselves. My daughter and I travel via bus on the highway on occasion. There are no seatbelts there. We also use the subway and commuter rails. All without seatbelts. I think that when you travel by car it's a whole different ball...
I agree wholeheartedly! Let's start banning books because it will make our society more wholesome. j/k. I guess that's the problem with freedom of speech. And freedom of thought. You can read and think what you want. Even if other people don't like it.
Why not just drive to the police station if someone's following you? My guess is that wouldn't be "tough guy" enough? Honestly wondering, here, why in the world, you'd resort to a display of aggression when you could've done the common sense thing. This opened you up for an attack, and may have put your kid in more danger. You might have gotten rid of them without confrontation. Did that not occur to you? The fact that you're carrying a gun for the past 18 years...
Well, it's been devastating for me. I've been crying all day.
We Must Preserve The Earth's Dwindling Resources For My Five Children By Brenda Melford A good read.
Quote: Originally Posted by MomBirthmomStepmom Trust me, we're normal people, who live normal lives, and a good portion of us (won't say 'all' or 'most'), are very happy with our choice, and move on looking back with nothing but happiness. Why would I think otherwise? How ironic that you're making assumptions about me! Take care.
Quote: Originally Posted by VickV Thanks so much, ladies. MomBirthmomStepmom, thanks also for reply to boston - I definitely don't feel guilt. I feel bad for not having written sooner, but even that's not guilt. I didn't mean to imply something offensive. I just figured that would be a natural feeling if a young kid was wanting something so badly & you weren't giving it to him. I think I accidentally touched some kind of nerve here and I'm...
my girl is turning 5 this summer and then she'll return to her little school for monday mornings, tues, wed and thursdays all day, and then she'll have fridays off. I'll be in class m-th. I'll have a few "extra" hours on wednesday to study, and the rest I do on weekends when her Papa comes to stay with us. I think this will be enough time. I get most of my work done on weekends.
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