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Quote: Originally Posted by Gale Force Spoken from someone whom I assume has never experienced severe depression. Boston, I would eat your placenta if it helped reduce my chances. My own placenta is a no-brainer. I wouldn't be exposing myself to extra toxins -- it came out of me, I've been exposed already. And then there is all of that nutrition that just gets discarded when it could be reducing PPD. My cat used to eat all of the fetal sacks of her...
Quote: Originally Posted by srain I'm kind of confused about the going-to-the-river dynamic. You drag him along every single weekend even though he screams and cries about it? Or did he just do that a few times? I'm also confused about this.
It sounds like it's not working for some of you. It's okay to do something that works, you know.
Has he changed toothpaste? I get canker sores from anything containing SLS. Info on SLS and canker sores.
Yes, take homeopathics. They won't hurt your inner child. And if you don't feel better soon (cold-wise) see someone! I think the prenatal appointments begin at around 10 weeks. Hang in there!
your state has a table for child support #'s, based on income and custody arrangements. check with your district court. I think in my state, for one child, a person who makes 100K pays 200 or 300 per month, tops. Nice, huh? I know it's much better in Mass.
I would probably move home. I know it's really rough on the kid at first. But it's probably a lot better for you. And if the ex isn't that great a parent, why stick around for that? I think it's v. important to have the dad in the child's life, but if you have an entire support network back home, your child will benefit from that, too. Hard choice. Like the poster above said, 50/50 time is bad for older kids. My brother and I grew up like that. I was 9 and my...
What religion were you before? Why did you convert? Any advice for someone considering this, who was raised w.o. any religion at all? I don't even have the backstory that Christians or Jews converting have. Is there some kind of online school for wannabe Muslims out there?
Anyone here not raised Muslim become Muslim? Please discuss.
I think 12 ish is good. And as freaky as cell phones are, what with the microwaves next to the brain and the overpriced plans and all...I think it's nice how they bring people together. I like that there's a way to be in contact with your kid when she goes for a bike ride. And for emergencies. It's great. However, I'm not so sure about the ones for very small children. The Tic Talk phone by Leap Frog is for children as young as 6. ...
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