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I think baby buckets are fine. They are impossible for me to carry so I never got into that. But if other people want to do that, what's the big deal? Some babies dont like being moved around alot, esp in cold weather.
She sounds depressed and/or anxious.
I'm so sorry about the loss of your daughter. I hear that when people lose a child, the liklihood of divorce goes way up. Could his refusal to put off the circ be a projection of this? My SO is Muslim and I've made it clear that if we ever have a son there will be no one cutting my baby. But I don't know if he's really thinking about it since we're not planning. Still, if he did it against my wishes, I don't think I'd leave him. I'd hate him for a long time,...
It's a great book. Definitely buy it. And I'm not just saying that because she's a friend.
It's probably still "good" but....why would you do that? It's not guaranteed to help. There are so many hormones in it that you don't know what effects to expect. Maybe try 5htp or St. John's Wort first? Hell, even Zoloft. With Zoloft you won't experience placenta burps.
I don't think that you can prevent it. I think it either happens or it doesn't. Maybe you could get a therapist now, just to make sure you're doing okay with the transition into motherhood, and then if PPD shows up, you'll be equipped with professional help. Lots of people have no help and never get PPD. I don't mean to make light of your concerns. I was afraid I was becoming depressed and anxious during my pregnancy and I never took those concerns seriously. And...
The one about wishing PPD on Katie Holmes? I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Especially not someone unfortunate enough to be stuck with Tom Cruise.
I don't work for pay but I have a lot of work to do, lots of jobs, so I didn't vote. I'm in school 3/4 time, and I am a single parent. So I guess you could say I have my work cut out for me. My dd goes to childcare so I can study and go to class.
Quote: Originally Posted by darlindeliasmom I got a lot of "can she breathe in there?" or "is she happy in that thing?" from people who were at that moment interacting with my very sparkly baby snuggled in my sling. Yeah I got that a lot!! dd was always in the Maya pouch and people'd be like "is she okay all curled up like that?" Um. Yes.
"Don't you care about your baby at all?" (In response to my non-vax status, or my formula use, or the end of my marriage.) It's the ultimate not helpful comment. I want to say "you've figured it out! I don't care about my baby at all!"
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