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I wish they would just say "breast fascist."
I slept in a crib, wore cloth (I don't think they had disposables yet), was not nursed (my mom didn't try to nurse any of her 4 children). I was born unmedicated in a hospital. My mom smoked and drank during her pregnancies, and throughout our childhoods. She still smokes now, at age 59. My younger brother, born in 1980, wore disposable diapers. We both were spanked. My father was abusive and my mother eventually left him when we were 5 and 11. We were treated...
I bottle fed my dd for about 2 years. Sometime around there she switched to sippy cups. She still, at age 4.25, has (rice) milk before bed. When she was a toddler, she really needed the "bot bot." Her teeth are fine so far. My dentist checked her out last time I had a cleaning and had her with me.
Landover Baptist Church is a joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaryLLL I don't really believe that "obese" mother one either. What, are full figured mom's bodies devoid of the nerve-endings of smaller women? I think they don't mean "full-figured" but excessively fat women. People with dangerous BMI ranges, not just plus sized. But I might be wrong about that.
Two most embarassing things my dd has ever said: 1. on a train from NYC to Boston, people were lined up at a stop next to where dd (then 2), my ex, and I were sitting, waiting for the doors to open. And dd randomly says MY PAPA IS A MAN AND HE HAS A BIG, DISGUSTING PENIS! (scrunched up face for emphasis) 2. Age 1.75 from her stroller as we pass a jogging, topless, and very obese man, she hollers (admiringly): YOOK, MAMA! THAT MAN HAVE BIIIIIG BOOOBIES!!!
I think you handled it just fine.
I can't believe no one here wants to buy the wrist cribbage board!
Only shave if you want. I voted yes, shave. Shave it all. But seriously, just do what makes you comfortable. There are no rules.
I definitely would not register for her birthday.
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