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Forest..........live in the desert now. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
The Pink/Nate song "Just give me a reason", cant get it out of my head! Wish me husband would.............
absolutely not! I've done twins and loved it!!! but now that i am a VBAC triplets would mean no homebirth for me. The person below me wishes she had worked out more during this pregnancy?
secluded in the mountians........mostly because i would be with my husband who would hate Disney World! Would you rather............live in the same town as your extended family (quantity but not quality), or farther away and see them only a couple times a year (quality, not quantity)?
Yes that was me pregnant with#6, .......hahaha you definately pop sooner in consecutive pregnancies but I am not that big at 7 weeks. Guess I better update things on mothering!
pregnant with # 7!!  I dont know why with every pregnancy i feel like i am starting at square one.  what type of birth?  midwife or unassisted? ultrasound or not?  tell others now or later?  when to tell my other kids?  at 7 weeks today.  always think i will have things more "together" before the next one and then i find i am just as disorganized as ever.  Homeschooling has been really going well this year so determined to not that fall apart while i am tired and dealing...
This thread has actually been reallyl helpful!!  My last homebirth after i birthed my placenta (which i am sure i just let drop into the toilet!) i thought i was done.  my midwife checked and it appeared intact.  a few days later this fleshy piece of membrane appeared while i was going to the bathroom.  freaked me out!!  called my midwife and she said i could give it a pull to see if it would come out.  I was so worried it was attached to my uterus or something like...
I told my husband the other day that i feel like an animal mamma i am constantly sniffing him, when i am holding him or at night when i am checking on him as he sleeps i lean over and find myself smelling him in........thats all it takes to start letdown.....ahhhhh.    
oh i was going to say that my midwife doesnt seem concerned about the 42 week mark.  she said she would just want to see me every 3 days or so at that point.
I am 41+1  but I have been a 42 weeker so its hard knowing i could go for another week.  i have been having on an off week contraction and I also know this could last for a few days.  had very loose BM today so i thought maybe something was going to get going.  nothing so far.......hang in there!
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