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Quote: Originally Posted by Amylcd I have done that. Germs can be a good thing. My children are extremely healthy ... and I'm sure they have been exposed to some pretty nasty germs. In my opinion, it's a good way to gain immunity. My cousins child, however, is always sick - and she is a germaphobe. She uses that germ-x liquid stuff on him everytime he touchs something in public, didn't let him on the floor in her OWN house until he was well over...
I don't have either, but I must say a poncho makes more sense for ease of nursing as your hands and arms will be able to reach the baby without unzipping, if you see what I am getting at. (bearing in mind I don't know anything about the coat, maybe it has a way around it)
TBH I really don't like the icon. It looks like a mother carrying her baby. I'd really like to do the same type of thing with a more obvious sticker/icon if anyone knows of one. (just wanted to piggyback, sorry not completely on topic)
Hey Bobbirs, I came to your DDC to stalk you. Sounds like round lig. pain to me too. You sure are having a rough pregnancy! s
Magnadoodle or chalkboard
I "made" DS a sand table out of a large plastic box that I sat on top of another box. Unfortunately DS doesn't like getting his hands dirty at all! I didn't try to make a sand and water table because he plays a lot in the tub and the sink (with the help of the Learning Tower). I'm sure you could double up plastic tubs and get the same effect for around twelve dollars and save yourself a bundle. Then later you can use them as storage tubs.
It really helped me when I had to go back to work with DS1. Glad it was useful!
http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/index.html this should answer most of your questions.
I'm right there with you. I've been so upset/depressed about my birth I still can't really post the story. I don't know when I'll be OK with it. But, healthy baby is the most important thing and I'm glad we both have that! Congratulations!!!!
NAK hard to do, more later. 9lbs 5 oz, healthy and happy.
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