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Well, all together they were more than $10, but the many, many, many wonderful books we buy at thrift/consignment stores for $.39 each. We go so often that the ladies who work there will put aside interesting books for us. I've found Usbourne Internet linked encyclopedias, beautiful old story books, and even an entire science curriculum there! And once we got a brand new, in the box microscope, a really high quality one, for $1.99!
yup. she eats anything we do and we eat fried foods on occasion. not often but at times.
Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp. It takes you from PK to HS and gives lists for things they 'should' know by each grade. You could use the internet for everything...math worksheets/games, reading/phonics games, old books online for free at Googlebooks, ect. HTH!
Interesting...Last year it was about $30 per kid, dd1 was 3 and dd2 was 10 months. I try to get them something fun, a book, and something to deepen their faith. This year, I bought dd1 two Webkins, since she is into that, and will get her a doll too, since she's been really into those as well and her current doll broke. For dd2, I got her the LeapFrog letter magnets, not because we are all into the LeapFrog line, but because at two friends houses she played with them for...
Nani, before I read all of the replies, I just want to say that I really really really resonated with your post. I feel exactly the same way...stuck, stagnant, and just, I don't know, uninspired? I'm interested to read the replies and see what others recommend. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in feeling this way.
Science right now consists of lots of nature study, exploring our environment, conducting simple experiments (I have book suggestions if you want them) and reading lots of fun books, like Magic School Bus. For 'history' it pretty much looks like geography at this point. Learning about the world, the US and how different cultures live. We are doing Kindy early (dd is 4.5) and she doesn't quite grasp the concept of 100 years ago vs. 1000 years ago, yk? So we will wait on...
Iron? What's that?
FIAR. Every review I read raved and went on and on about how wonderful it was, and that they loved it and we...just didn't. I know so many people who swear by it, but it just didn't do it for me. I wasn't crazy about some of the books, afa the teachers guide/ideas...they underwhelmed me too. I still feel a twinge of guilt saying that though, because I really respect what the authors are trying to do and I love their purpose.
Yarn Crafts (knitting/crocheting)
We have a LT, and I love it. We have a small L shaped kitchen, so it does get on my nerves when I'm trying to maneuver around it, but it is worth the hassle. Not sure about the KH...
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