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nak- anytime I got used diapers I would boil them for 10 minutes to strip and sanitize and then wash in the machine on an extra HOT cycle with a capful of bleach, double rinse. Follow up with another full HOT wash cycle with our CD detergent, double rinse. Dry on high heat in the dryer. Never had any issues with this method. Edited to add: I used to never use bleach, but after hearing horror stories about staph infections being passed via used CD's, I decided that a little...
An over lock stitch on your sewing machine is most like a serger which is what I would use.
nak--absolutely. but i have awesome parents,and i think thats what would make it work, you know? How is your relationship with your parents? Will you be able to set healthy boundaries and will they respect them? Thats key.
We are Christian, and for the time being unschoolers as well. That will likely change in the future, but for now, dd is only 4.5 and we unschool. For us, it involves 'lessons' and workbooks, simply because she asks for and likes them. We are NOT RU's though, we impose consequences and rules for behavior. We do not punish, but we do set and enforce boundaries in a gentle way. We have very high expectations of ourselves, and above all, strive to live up to the standards set...
When you lock/close his door, does he flip out? If he is fine with it, and it's the only way to keep him safe, I would just do that. If he is crying when you close the door, then I would just stay awake until he fell asleep, then go lay down. He is still young and just exploring, he isn't doing it to make you insane, really. My first was like this (and I'm suspecting my second will be worse!) until she was 3.5. She will still occasionally get into stuff, and it's honest...
No santa here. We tell the story of St. Nicholas, but that's it. For us Christmas is so much more than a fat guy giving toys.
No, she was fine. The park is a public place. If you have kid unattended near you, and you don't feel like interacting...don't! when I go to a park, a place where children are playing, and EXPECT that I will talk to, push on the swing, or help other kids. I have no issues with helping someone up stairs, across monkey bars, or put a shoe back on...I would be grateful if someone did that for my kid. Um, yeah. I have two VERY active kids, 4.5 and 1.5. They do not always...
Sounds like something we would tell our 5 y/o if she asked.
I've always dreamed of having 7 or more children. Since I was a little girl, I've wanted a lot of kids and a lot of animals. My dh probably will not go for 7 children though, so maybe 4? I would also love some of my children to come to us by way of adoption. Of course money is always an issue...so really it's a non-issue. I love being pregnant, I love giving birth, I love staying home, I love homeschooling, I love it all. Yes it is stressful but it sure is fun!!!
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