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Another vote for Milo and Otis. Actually that reminds me that I need to go out and get another copy (on sale at target for $5) because ours was so well loved it's wearing out! I loved it as a kid too.
No wise words, but sorry it's so hard right now.
I have a 4.5 year old and an 18 month old...I think it is par for the course. With the whining, I just tell her to use her strong voice in order for me to hear and understand her. Lather, rinse, repeat. And for the tantrums with the little one, I just mirror her feelings, try to give her words, and continue doing what needs to be done. So, if I tell her "E, lets go change your diaper!" Tantrum, throws herself on the floor, kicking and screaming. "I see you don't want to...
Without having read the replies.. With us, it is less about the phrase/word. One of our rules though, is to be respectful to others. That includes using words that reflect that. So, we can be aggravated with someone, but not say "I hate you!!! You are so stupid!!!" instead we can say, "It bothers me when you follow me around all the time, I need some space." I notice that my dd 'tries on' certain words or phrases with her dolls or about something insignificant. Because...
Sure, why not?:
Ha, everything is always TOO SHORT on me. It's great that the capri style pants are 'in' now-a-days!
I'm in the 5-8 category...generally a solid 6. I'm 5'10", so I'm pretty average height/weight.
(1) Do you intend to homeschool through 12th grade? Yes, I do, unless for whatever reason the kids decide they would like to attend school. I will however, try to meet whatever need they are seeking from school so that we can continue HS. It is very important to me. (2) Do you expect that your children will go to college? Absolutely, if it's what they want. I am not of the mindset that college is the end all to life though. Or that you have to go to college to have a...
Oh mama, that sounds very hard. Is there a multiples support group you can go to? I have no clue what to say to be helpful, I'm sure a fellow quad mama would help so much. Praying for peace for you, and for health for both you and your babes.
Sorry that happened!!! It is so scary, my dh dropped dd2 on HER HEAD on the TILE floor.
New Posts  All Forums: