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We don't and won't. We use what works, and generally wont use a curriculum package.
It looks really good...free is always good!: Thanks for posting, I was just on the phone with a fellow HSer talking about phonics! This will help both of us out!
Honestly, I don't think there is ONE proper way of doing everything. My dd (4.5) is very strong willed and has learned to read and write all her letters with minimal instruction from me. She copies the letters in her own way, and you know what? They look really good! She has very nice penmanship for a 4 year old! Same with reading, she would ask what the sounds were, and I would answer. We played with magnet letters, she would write names of people she loves, things around...
Ok, Umbrella, I am understanding a bit better now. Yes, crying and whatnot in restaurant was totally passive aggressive, and I would not want that in my life either. My MIL Is a bit PA, but generally just not informed...I was looking at it from that POV. Sorry it's so hard for her to trust you. That really stinks.
I may be asking for it here, and obviously I don't know your history or anything, but honestly, in the first two posts, the mothers/MIL's sounded like they were trying to be supportive in the only way they knew how... Like showing up with the forms, maybe she was just trying to say (in her own way) "I know you made the choice to HS, here is how I can help you" I would not have taken that as an insult at all. Just maybe told her that since I have them for this year, I'd...
Well, the best deal I got so far was Family Math from Goodwill for $.39!!!: But that was a lucky day I think! At Target, we got a dry erase board with lines to practice handwriting for $1 tonight. That was a good find too!
I only wear sports bras so they go in the machine. I wash them after one time of wearing them, cause I get sweaty. I have 6 bras, I bought two packs of three when they went on sale.
I wanna know too
: Wow!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! We were JUST looking for something more to do for a bible curriculum! Yea! I love free!!!
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