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Only if they needed something. We are so lucky that my dd1 gets hand me downs from 3 littles girls, and of course dd2 will get dd1's hand me downs. THe only things we need to buy are undergarments, socks, and shoes. I buy those on sale.
My dh works 10 hour days too, and is no help. Even on his days off...:/ So I totally understand where you are coming from. Morning: Unload dishwasher, take clothes out of dryer, and throw in new load, sweep kitchen, dining, and living rooms, prepare breakfast and wipe kitchen counters and table. Throughout the Day: Pick up toys, shoes, hair pretties, ect. I am pretty good about staying on top of things, putting dishes in sink, laundry in hamper, ect. Ella's Naptime: I...
DD has been hanging her own clothes since 3 years. I have to help her at times, but she is perfectly capable of doing it. All of her dress up clothes are hung on one side of her closet, and it's her responsibility to put them back after she uses them. Shoes go in her closet on a door shoe holder thingy, dolls in the cradle, and dress up accessories in the trunk. That's all she has in her room, but out side of her room, she is also responsible for putting her things away....
The original Pooh...:
nak- I wish I could post a picture of ours it is so beautiful! Its a photo album, but made with corrugated paper, like brown paper bags. On the cover there is a sea turtle made out of shells. It was a gift from our friends from Israel. They also got us the neatest pencils, they are literal branches, with lead inside. So rustic feeling! To answer your question, you can use anything...I imagine a scrapbook with thicker pages would work really well. If I had to, I'd get...
It may be the curriculum, or it may be a review, ect. I know that in some workbooks, my dd is at a '1st grade' level...and she is 4.5 years old. Does that mean I give her 1st grade work? No way. Some things she is really ahead on, and some not as much. We work along at HER pace, which (as the pp's have said) is the beauty of homeschooling. Definitely no need to force her to do things that are boring...skip ahead and see if it's more challenging for her!
It's a notebook filled with leaves, drawings, and anything your child encounters in nature. We are doing a very simple version of one, as my dd is only 4.5, but we collect leaves from our area, identify and label them, draw pictures of animals/insects we see, maybe I'll print out or write some interesting facts about something and we'll glue it in. We write poems and bible verses that talk about the beauty of nature, ect. You can also use pictures, which we've done a bit,...
Tell me about it. We are late to HS coop at least most every time. It starts at 9 too. My kids are usually still asleep at about 8:30 and I have to put them in the car with pj's on.
DD, 4.5, goes to bed between 9:30 and 10 and gets up at about 8. She's also never needed as much sleep as 'they' recommend. Neither of my kids has every followed the 'sleep rules'...going to bed earlier was a nightmare around here.
I just saw one at Borders for $2.99! Let me know if you don't find it, and I can see if ours still has it and I'll buy it and mail it to you.
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