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I am trying to find stainless steel mugs for toddler use and I saw these: http://www.backcountrygear.com/catal...ail.cfm/MSR167 Anyone have any thoughts or feedback on them (or other titanium mugs/cups)?
Not much progress this weekend inside the house, but we did get rid of several items from the garage (old mailbox, shelf, etc). I've started the clean-out for the charity pick-up, but I'm not counting it all until I'm done. 19/200
I'll have to get back to you on the model -- I do know it runs on propane and there is no electrical cord while it's operating (just to charge the battery at the start of the season). It is a larger one - we have a lot of property. That said, we do see a difference, but we live in a wooded area with lakes/ponds nearby. So, although there are fewer of them, we still have a lot : How large is your yard? We have ours situated about 100-150ft from our deck area. ETA: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by beccalou79 Hey, I have no advice on the washer, but as for the icky-smelling clothes-- I know of a really easy way to get the stinkiness out. Put half a lemon in a mesh bag, and let that wash with the clothes (on the hot setting, if you can). That always works like a charm for me, no vinegar or multiple washings needed. Hope your washer gets fixed soon! Neat lemon idea, thanks!
I just scheduled the charity clothing pick-up for next Friday: Time to get busy
We've had a mosquito magnet for several years now. We had one problem with it starting up, and the company was great about sending us the new part for free (I forget the details, it was a two years ago). There are always TONS of mosquitoes in the catch bag. If you're looking to just keep your patio clear, you could use an outdoor fan to create a breeze across the area where you are sitting...
Yikes! That's awful I've had some errors with mine over the past few years, but I was always able to open the door again. Good luck to you.
Thanks for the honest update I always wonder how people's efforts hold up over time!
I have "A List" - and it's getting long : You do have to be firm. We can't do curb alert postings on our local freecycle, but it's so bad now that I put a "you must pick up by x date" and "please do not reply unless you plan to drive here and get x item"!! It's sad the way people feel it's ok to waste someone else's time!
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