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Being a home schooling mother of 6 and having an extremely attached baby I have to carry her, otherwise nothing gets done! We also do many family things together and having my baby on my body helps her to see the world and keeps her close and safe. I'd not have it any other way!
I love cats! I am allergic to them too but have always had one for as long as I can remember. My skin burns like nobodies business if I get cat saliva (licking) on my skin, my skin swells and gets very red with a scratch and it's insanely itchy if my kitty rubs on me. My face itches if she sits next to me too, crazy huh? I don't do anything with mine, I take the good with the bad. I don't know what to tell you but wanted to say that I know the feeling!
I have 2 kids who've never been vax'd and both have at least 2 food allergies.
I have a YoGourmet yogurt maker and the dairy batches I have made with it have been excellent! I have yet to try a non-dairy type of yogurt but with the dairy I have added in a packet of knox gelatin to thicken it and let it ferment about twice as long as recommended. I am interested in how almond milk or coconut milk turns out if somebody has successfully thickened it with gelatin as well. I am wanting to try that out so I can have yogurt again as well as my 2 year...
Please keep the advice coming! I am taking notes
Quote: Originally Posted by CalebsMama05 GL! i'm no help my temps were at and below coverline for 3 days before I finally figured af wasn't gonna show and I should test Oh man, that's no help for you then huh? Thank you for replying anyway!
Any new ideas? Thoughts or advice? So the things I have been reading about sustained high temps 18dpo or more are true? Has anybody had their PG confirmed this way?
I forgot to add that I normally O about the 3rd week of my cycle. So it's a tad late in O'ing but I think that nasty cold had something to do with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Daisie125 I'm gonna argue with FF and say you may only be 12-14 dpo. Based on your EWCM, I would say it's MUCH more likely that you Oed on CD 28 and not CD 25. This could also be an anti-ovulatory cycle, your temps are pretty erratic at the begining, and your O date is VERY late in the cycle. What do your cycles normally look like? That would give me a much better idea of what I'm looking at here. Ok, pre-O I had a...
Did that work?
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