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I have not read them but I've heard they are very similar to the original books. I believe they have the Rose Years and the Caroline years. I think we will read them soon.
My now 8 year old went through this fascination. Try reading the Little House on the Prairie books. Little house also have several books out like the Little HOuse cook book, Little house craft books. Try your library we found tons of pioneer type books. Craft books activity books etc. I enjoyed this exploration. Lots of fun
I have already talked to my 8 year old about alcohol. I don't believe drinking is necessarily the major problem, but what one does while drinking. She's seen the news where a 17 year old had 3 beers got into a car and killed a newborn baby. We talked about how a persons body loses the ability to reason clearly when drinking too much. Although this sounds extreme it can happen, like so many other things. I will not make drinking taboo. However, I will discuss...
Hotwheels, Harry Potter (bookmark or something)
My 9 year has just finished a month long study on Africa and is very interested in finding a penpal from Africa. I surfed the net a little and had trouble locating a place that had penpals of that age ( most are late teens to early 20's). Does anyone have any good information on this. Thanks so much
Hi My 8 year old loves "The Oregon Trail" Pc Game and I am currently looking for some other PC games that are educational and fun. What are your kids favorites? Thanks
Has anyone ever heard of this magazine. World Kid Magazine. I just picked one up at the library. It seems wonderful. Pretty close to a National Geographic for preteens to adult. On the front it even says Smart is Cool. Very educational - not dumbed down. It's expensive but I found some discount sites on the web for about half the price. Just wondering if anyone else has checked these out.
We are going to plant some community trees. We are also going to go buy some recycling bins. We live in an rural nonrecycling area. We've decided to buy some big garbage cans and put our recycleables (it's to early to spell correctly) in them and drive them to the next city every month.
Thanks Your blog is very inspirational and interesting - I'm sure I'll check back again. Thanks
Hi I used to read Mango Mamma's and another online journal of a homeschool family. I loved getting ideas and other inspirations from reading the day to day happenings of a homeschooling family. Both my former favorite sites are gone now. Does anyone else enjoy those and know of any good ones. Thanks so much
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