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Hi I have an eight year old who has teeth where enamel did not form correctly. She has funny brown and white patches all over her teeth. Her dentist said this is either due to high fever as a child or hereditary. She said eventually they may crack and mentioned dental veneers as an option. Has anyone had these. How breakable are they. Did insurance cover them? Anyway just trying to learn our options - any help will be awesome
I like to read her the Magic Tree House books. Berainsten bears have nice chapter books also. Hop e that helps
I currently have an eight year old. I was talking to some of her friends parents recently and it was interesting to know what things they had and hadn't discussed with their eight year olds. Some had talked to them about everything from abortion, sex, std's, oral sex etc. While others haven't approached any of those sorts of topics. I have discussed sex, drugs, safety issues, among other things with my daughter. I was curious as parents of teenagers what issues...
I have an eight year old and what we have done is set up very simple guidelines. For example - If she leaves her socks in the living room on the floor. We immediatel;y make her put them away and then she has to stop what she's doing and write ten times I will put away my socks. Or something to that degree. This sounds annoying but after about 10 times she was tired of having to stop what she was doing to write the sentences. It happens very little now. Also with...
Hi has anyone read this book. I just got it from the goodwill for a quarter. Looks interesting. Is it good. I have to laugh though I want to change the author's name to Wooly insteady of Wally then he'd be Wooly Lamb. I need a life!
I am currently teaching my 2nd child to read. She knows all the letters and their sounds and is very interested. Is there any site or book that teaches the basic phonics rules. I forgot all those fun rules and rhymes we learned in school. Just wondering thanks so much
http://www.horsefun.com/ http://www.horsenetwork.com/kidscorr...toryright.html I haven't really checked these out yet so you might want to look over them first.
Hi my daughter is currently studying the state of New Mexico. If there is anyone here that is from New Mexico - we are looking for a couple of pictures or postcards fro this state. Please let me know thanks so much
Has anyone red the Redwall series by brian jacques. Just wondering any inputs welcome
There is a book called kids knitting by Melanie something I loved it It is geared toward kids so it's so easy to follow and very informative. It has a lot of simple projects also enjoy
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