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I'm looking for a good simple how to sew book for my 8 year old. Maybe something with some projects in it. Any ideas or favorites. thanks
My daughters 8 year birthday is coming up. I would love to make or buy her her own sewing kit. Hearthsong used to have one but I can't find it. I guess I'll go to the fabric store and buy a nice sewing basket and fill it with goodies. Any suggestions on fun things to put in it. I am also buying the Klutz sewing book so she'll have ideas on things to make. This will be so much fun - Any special ideas would help.
My second grader and I read several of them last year and we were not impressed. I do think she's bratty and the books were not very exciting to her. We did discuss the behavior issues in it. My daughter really enjoys the Magic Tree house books. They are very well written and she dives right into them. While I don't think Junie B. is awful or evil - I was very happy when my daughter didn't find them inviting.
Call your local extension office or 4-H office ask them if you know anyone who could lend you the equipment. Or ask them to put you in touch with a farmer. I have a friend whose grandpa owns a farm and he lets local kids raise sheep on it. Kinda neat kids get there own sheep free. Anyway definately call your extension office
Hi has anyone read these? Did you like them? What age approximately? I am looking for books for my gameboy addicted cousin (6th grade) and my second grader. Would you suggest these? thanks so much
Hi has anyone read these. What do you think about them? What age would be good for these? I have an 8 year old who just read all the Magic Treehouse books, would these be too old for her. I'm also looking for books for a 6th grader cousin whose only amusement is gameboy. thanks
HI I was just looking into a pc game called oregon trail by the learning company. It looks really awesome for my 8 year old. Does anyone have this. I'm hoping to hear some reviews. Also any other suggestions for pc games for this age. Is carmen san diego any good? Thanks so much
Hi I have a seven year old that loves the Magic tree house. I think they are slightly easy to read but she has learned so much about history from them. What about the Hardy boys books. I've never read them I just remember my cousin enjoying them. I've heard the a to z mysteries are fun. We are looking into the boxcar children. Did you like them? Pony Pals or saddle club look fun (not sure how girl oriented they are) Hope that helps
I would like the others said talk to the mom first. Maybe go over one day and say I'm your neighbor and act as if you're just being friendly and then try to fish for info. She may not be defensive if you approach it that way. Do not wait to do this.. If you feel there is a true problem please call authorities. I've worked for cps. We'd get hundreds of calls a week to come talk to families. I'd say 9 times out of 10 there was nothing going on. Most times I was...
Wow thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll have to go hunt some of these down at the library. Thanks again!
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