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Hi I just bought one at sams that accomadates 12 inch dolls It was on $60 (which is very resonable). I found one on ebay but it's $85. It's sturdy and simple http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=20426 Hope this link works
I have also read that about the Education of Little Tree author. It really does give you a whole different look on the story after that. What about the little house books.
I never thought of it as censoring, however I still feel the same. I censor what my kids watch on TV. If I know a book isn't appropriate for their age or contains things that aren't appropriate (ok that's spelled wrong) I would question it just like TV. For example we don't watch the Rugrats. Not that they're awful but their just sarcastic and kinda smart mouthed. I felt similarly to Junie B. Jones. They aren't awful books, but at this age there are so many better...
Are there any children's books that you won't let your kids read? We read a Junie B. Jones book and decided it wasn't something we would encourage. We just weren't too thrilled with the attitude of the book although I know many kids love that series. I had a friend that wouldn't let her kids read the goosebumps series. I'm not sure why, I haven't looked into those yet. It just got me curious. Are there any you will discourage your kids from reading?
Hi my almost 8 year old has almost completed all of the Magic Treehouse chapter books. She really enjoyed them. Do you have any suggestions for other chapter book series, maybe just a tad more difficult. Thanks so much
I think there is a doll line called real life girls.
Okay So I went to the dentist and she said I need to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed. They are all above the surface which apparently makes it easier. So what should I expect. A little pain a lot of pain. And how long til my mouth is somewhat back to normal. Just wondering thanks
Hi We are looking to buy our first home. Probably $150,000 to 180,000 Roughly estimating What do you pay amonth for your home. I'm wondering monthly how much to expect.
Ok so I'm giving my first baby shower for my sister in law. So I wrote out the invites and we went to register her at Target for baby goodies. My mom is making the cake and the shower site has been picked. Now for the fun stuff. I need some game ideas. I also need decorating ideas fun miscellaneous ideas do I need to buy little gifts for everyone at the shower etc. any thing i'm forgetting I would love to hear some fun and cute ideas thanks so much
I have an 8 year old and was wondering around what age do kids figure that good old Santa is real. Just curious so I know roughly what age.
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