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hearthsong.com has some really nice creative quality toys also highlights magazine has a nice online shop magazine subscription (ranger rick or ladybug) craft box construction paper markers clay etc
Hi I used to read a families online homeschooling journal. They would post their activities and thoughts once a week and it was just fun to read and get ideas from. They have shut theirs down. Does anyone know other sites that have these. I got alot of good ideas and it was so interesting to learn how they dealt with roadblocks and successes in their homeschooling. tha;nsk
I have 4 kids 7,5,2,9mo. My eldest was a professional tantrum thrower. She would do the kickin screamin throwin tantrum. No matter what I said even softly speaking or yelling worked. Finally what worked for us was I would look her in the eyes tell her what I expected and then I would put her in her room until she calmed down. Sometimes I stayed there with her and sometimes I would go in the hall. Sometimes me being in there just aggrivated her more. That works well...
Have you thought about baseball cards. They are a little more innocent and now might be a good time with the world series coming up.
Hi just wondering if anyone else has a second grader or older who still will sometimes write letters backwards. mainly b d g sometimes a number or two thanks
Hi can you put up a couple of fliers that say lost train. Maybe someone will turn it in you never know!
I have no idea who started it, but when someone passes gas here and someone smells or hears it, they'll jump up and yell who let the dogs out. And of course they all break out in song. Even my 93 year old Grandma. There's alot of us so the dogs get out a lot. As you can tell we're a mature cultured family He he!
Your right I do think they are old enough to be responsible for their own stuff. We are very consistant in our rules. I guess they'll catch on someday. Thanks for replying I know this is pretty normal so I'm not too worried but I figure there are 12 feet in this house. That's alot of socks to pick up!
woooh That makes me feel better. Thanks for sharing everybody. I'm glad I came out of the epidural closet!
Hi I love this board and am a fairly naturally parenting mother. 4 mostly clothed diapers kiddos, cosleeping, babywearing, extended breastfed, gently discipline, etc. However I had an epidural with all 4. I tried not to but i must be a wuss. I actually had the epidural with the first and it didn't work. So technically it was natural. Anyway I always feel so guilty when I around this board and see all the wonderful natural births. So somebody make me feel better and...
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