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I was just flipping thru a catalog and found one. It's from back to basics toys It is wooden and has a slide ladder chalkboard and little hut area It runs $299.99 I'm not sure if this is what you were looking for. anyway believe it or not they don't have a website. you can order a catalog 18003565360 thanks
I think and I could be wrong that you and she need to go to the police station and tell them that you would like a background check done and explain why. I think she has to sign a form giving permission. That should do it. Good luck. I would suggest a trial run with her. Ask her to come over for a couple hours while your at the house. You can get some house work done and you and your kids can get a feel of what she is like good luck
Hi I was with a group of parents recently at a soccer game. They were all talking about how they just don't enjoy their kids as much once they're past that 5 year old mark. They were saying that they're pains, not as cute, not as fun. The kids were all listening. I thought what the hell! I love the childhood age. They can have real conversations with you, they are developing into their own little person, I think they are at a wonderful age. I thought it was so...
Hi I've been ebaying for 2 years. About 10-20 packages every other week. I hate going to the post office. I heard of something where if you know the weight of your package the post office will pick them up at your house. Is this true does it cost extra is it worth it any details will help
My husband is from Mexico and literally had nothing growing up. He said at Christmas they generally had nothing or maybe just a ball or got the neighbors used bike. I look at our kids now and it makes me embarrased when his mom visits. We don't spoil them at all and they still have too much. I know when my kids have birthdays and people ask what to get them we always say just a card. People can't deal with that and say they have to bring something. We suggest colored...
Hi I have a friend who has a first grader that just got in trouble at school. For the good old I'll show you mine (private area) if you show me yours. Also there was a little bit of touching. I was suprised that it started this young. I have a second grader that would freak if someone said this to her. My friend is very responsible about talking to her son about this type of stuff. Is this pretty normal for this age?
Yep I pretty much figured this was normal. I was dreaming someone had a magic pick up your clothes potion. He he. Guess I can keep dreaming.
Never heard of it where does one purchase and how much does it run. thanks
Hi I tried the link and it said invalid syntax error
Hi I've had the idea for awhile that I would save some of my 4 kids clothes and make it into a quilt. Baby clothes, special or favorite outfits cut into squares. I really just want a simple block quilt. But I have no clue what to do. Does anyone know where to start. I've look at some books but most seem to be more elaborate. I just want simple blocks sewn together. Anyway any thoughts would help.
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