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Hanging in there trying not to think about the end of maternity leave (and failing) my BP is up which sucks for many reasons...I think it was actually better when I was pregnant. At 7 weeks Paulina is great. Usually sleeps at least one 4 hour stretch (sometimes more...Heaven!) in the night and getting more and more alert and smiley but still super tiny (less than 8 pounds!! Which is what most of my babies are at birth...or more!) She's very expressive!!
She's big, right? Soooo cute. BTDT with the hemmorhage...take care of yourself!! It's a long recovery but you'll get there!
Love birth stories...that was a great one! đź‘Ť 5 weeks old
God speed!!
Rosalind is beautiful!! Congratulations!!
I hesitate to post cause things are going pretty well here on our 4 week birthday. Paulina has a fussy period in the early evening but other than that is getting easier...being more content when not nursing. The older kids are doing well...ds3 was in my bed until baby came and that transition (to his own toddler bed in my room) has gone very well. My older kids have made all the difference though...I remember those hard, hard days with babies 2 and 3 but truly having 7...
Vtamanda! That is the same thing that happened to me!! Of course I was being induced so we ended up evicting her but that was the first night...ctx on my own until they petered out at 2:30am and I just tried to sleep. I had a baby within 18 hours though so hopefully the same will happen for you!! Hands and knees is what got my girl engaged and out of flotation if it helps!!
I ended up getting an Ergo for $39.99 this pg. it was some promo that got mentioned on FB through albeebaby.com They aren't that price now but keep your eyes open and for sure I'll share tips if I see any cheap!
I like the ergo for 4mos+...though I would use with a swaddled baby...I don't care for the infant insert. Ring sling or pouch are my go-tos for out and about...easy to slip them in and out and nurse. I just traveled 6 hours on flights to see my sis and the ring sling was perfect. Not my fave for long walks but good for lots of sitting and getting in and out. I have a gypsy mama wrap (like moby but prettier) and if it wasn't 40 below here I could totally wear it as a...
Bowl that baby out! That sounds perfect! Congrats yummy, adorable! How's your little sis? Can't wait to see pics of them together!!
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