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I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease today at my ent. He told me that I will have to take a prescription of diozide (?) which is a diuretic for 6 mos to a year and that I can't bf while on the meds. Ds is 18 mos and I wanted to allow clw but now have to wean within 2 weeks so I can start the meds. To delay the start of the meds could lead to hearing loss so I don't really have a choice. Anyone have experience with Meniere's? Are there any other diuretics I can take...
What a touching story, thank you for sharing. It reaffirms for me that I need to fight all of the negative opinions I have for nursing ds for so long (he's only 16 mos though)
To be honest I took a total break from MDC bc the boards in general were giving me anxiety. It's good to be back with a fresh and relaxed perspective!
He he he, dd dances around to Chalkdust Torture by Phish, it's her favorire. Ds' favorites lately are big ban, go figure!
What a cutie!!! It's only recently that ds has started liking the sling and he's 16 mos!
I haven't seen that one yet, but I'll have to watch out for it!
I'm always on the search for something to wash my dipes in that won't lead to buildup. I use Dr Bronners around the house for most of my cleaning, anyone have any experience with washing their dipes in it?
I don't shop there but I think I can pin faster than that.... Wonder if it's all the stores or just the one near you?
Congrats to you and welcome to the world baby!
I don't think that it's wrong to treat yourself to a few nice things. Yes, $122 is a lot of money for 5 pieces of underwear, but each time you wear the, you'll feel special and treated, there's nothing wrong with that. Tell your dh to back off!
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