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Maybe at the 18 week mark (ultrasounds), more twins will be revealed : )
Oh Yea! : D Is 12/7/11 your EDD for a full-term pregnancy or for estimated gestation for twins?  
Check out homeopathic Cina:   http://abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Cina
  LOLOLOLL!!!! This cracked me up!  One day the topic of co-sleeping came up in front of my mother-in-law and I commented that most of the world sleeps this way to which she responded (nose in the air), "Yes, but THOSE people sleep on the ground!" LOLOLOLOL Anyhow, back to the OP...I also wanted to add that the only thought that gives me any peace about how family chooses not to support us emotionally is that underlying that shunning is probably some caring for our...
First and foremost, congratulations to you!  Every baby deserves a welcome and we all know they are little blessings. I'm sorry you are getting those reactions. I hear you completely. And to add my commiseration LOL I'm pregnant with twins (#3 and #4) for us and we've been met with virtual SILENCE and BEING IGNORED from my in-laws. A few weeks after my husband called them/told them over the phone, we attended a birthday party with everyone there and I was ignored...
Are there any other mamas in this due date club expecting twins? Anyone....? Mel (mama to 2 boys and 2 more kiddos on the way)  
Oh! I'm 38 years old, same when they are born.
Can I join? My name is Mel, pregnant with twins (gender unknown for now) due sometime in December...let's say mid-December : ) That will be right around week 37 when twins arrive on average. This is my 3rd pregnancy, these are children #3 and #4. I've had one prior hospital vaginal birth and one home waterbirth. Hoping for another homebirth assuming everything falls into place ; ) Love and blessings to all... Mel.
Hi all, I am expecting twins and considering cloth-diapering, at least giving it a shot for the first few months. (Am I crazy??) Anyhow, I did not cloth-diaper, despite my best intentions (even bought the lovely Motherease One sizes), my first two babies. Honestly, ECONOMICS is a huge motivator here. I am told that twins newborns will go through about 150 diapers a week!!!! YIKES!!!!   Anyhow, I think that prefolds and covers will be the most economic way to...
I am so happy to find this thread. I am 12 weeks pregnant with twins and the multitude and depth of stupid questions/comments I am getting already is weighing on me heavily. I am on the verge of tears all the time it seems. It seems none of our family is happy for us. The common comment is "Well, you are going to have your hands full". I feel like saying, "Well, please...don't inconvenience yourself by offering to help in any way...." Not that I EXPECT their help, but...
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