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Thanks  : ) We have a whole new set of things to consider now. We have TWINS coming : )
I am so sorry for the loss of one of your twins, Micklis. Mel.
Hi, I'll be 38 this month....and am expecting twins Dec 2011. I have two children, the twins will make 4 : ) Mel.
Hello, I am due January 2012 with my third. My first was a hospital birth, the 2nd was born at home with a midwife. I am considering an UC.  My question is for those of you who work out of the home. How do you get a health care provider to sign your maternity and/or family leave paperwork if they did not attend the birth? I have a midwife I'm considering using for prenatal/postnatal check-ups for this very reason. Wondering if others have done the same or have...
2 day period last month...light blood flow, but still blood rather than spotting. Then it ended and dh and I made love on day 7 of my cycle. The next three days...MASSIVE EGGWHITE! I thought, No way this is ovulation...it's only day 7! My luteal phase has been 10-11 days the last several months...seems to be getting shorter. Today is day 15...tested POSITIVE this morning. This is baby 3. Freaking out a bit...reality still has not sunken in yet.
SOOO BEAUTIFUL!  Congratulations and welcome Grace!
WOW!!! I didn't know this about asparagus. I think it's my new favorite vegetable ; )  
I forgot to reply back! I DID lose the 5 lbs! Anyone ready to lose a few  more?
I'm going to lose 5 lbs in 10 days. Today I stepped on the scale and I am at my upper weight limit and all my clothes are tight and I feel awful. I'm supposed to go to a wedding the weekend of the 23/24th and I am determined to lose 5 lbs by then which I think is reasonable. Here's my plan of how to do it. Add to my two Bikram classes a week...one more workout for a total of 3. I'm giving up all bread, white rice and pasta. I'm vegan so I'll be eating beans, tofu,...
Many thanks in advance. I would greatly appreciate any insight about the below issue. Regarding the very unusual experience I had two nights ago...I want to know what caused it (or if there is anything significant I need to know about it)? With gratitude, Mel.
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