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I generally do not tell people at all. I've learned my lesson. This woman and I go back 10 years though so she was around when I had the first child and was younger, stupider and had a bigger mouth : )
This quote from the article made me particularly laugh out loud: "It's astounding to me that people can imagine that America's pediatricians and family physicians and public health officials are scheming to harm children" Ha! Because lord knows that the almighty dollar has NO effect on anyone's decision-making.
Uh oh. I may have trouble sleeping tonight
Hello all, Finding this thread made me perk up : ) We've had a very emotionally rough last few years. Can anyone tell me how the next few look? Any insight on how I can find a path to a brighter future? All answers/insights welcome. Grateful, Mel.
I could not read without posting because I've felt this way too I like Marshall Rosenberg's idea that anger is a need not being met (www.cncv.org). When I've felt anger at the kids throwing tantrums or crying or whining , I have to ask myself "What needs do I have that are getting thrown out of the window when my kids are upset?" My answers: Harmony, peace, connection, cooperation, more empathy...etc; And he also says that it is VERY HARD for us to give others empathy...
Gained 1 lb But I start my period today or tomorrow. Down a total of 2 lbs, 3 to go...
Oh and tomorrow is my weigh-in and I am afraid to step on the scale as I too am starting my period and I have been eating everything I can get my hands on
Quote: Originally Posted by kathymuggle I do think the nursing could be affecting your weight loss. I know for myself, I lost weight initially when I have baby...and do not loose a single pound afterwards until the baby stops nursing. I think your body might want to hang onto the weight in case it needs it to nourish your child. I agree! As long as my body is providing even the littlest bit of milk, it is harder for me to lose. And I am...
My dh and I were divided over this issue while we planned the homebirth of our youngest. I was feeling quite sentimental about my oldest child (he was 5 yrs old then) being there to witness the birth of his sibling. My dh did not think it was a good idea. He felt that the day could be long or intense, that anyone present at the birth should really be there to focus/help the mother and if we had our oldest present, he might get bored, scared or need entertainment and an...
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