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Quote: Originally Posted by swtpesq Oh no, I feel so clueless: ...how would I even know how my little peanut is positioned??? Well...if I palpitate down low (just at/above my pubic bone area), I can feel a more solid mass down there. When it moves, it is more of a strange rotating/rolling motion. That is my baby's head and it tends to be more on the right. I also notice that sometimes when I lie on my back, I see more mass on the right...so I...
I'm starting week 27 here...and my little goes headdown and tranverse too.... My midwife told me that they really like to see headdown by 34 weeks...but until then, baby is likely to be somersaulting.
Oh Ambrose.... I cannot imagine what you are going through. I can tell you this though...I do have the experience of having cremated a loved one. I can tell you that it brought me personal comfort when I gave great thought of where to put her ashes. We chose the ocean. Now, everytime I see the ocean I am reminded of my loved one...when we visit the ocean over the summer and I put my toes in the surf, I am reminded of her. My heart aches for you that you cannot hold...
Quote: Originally Posted by swimswamswum What does ethnicity have to do with this? Yeah, curious to hear too.... Mel ("getting by" in So Cal without speaking a lick of Spanish )
I have to convene that if there is ONE part of my body that is feeling really sexy, it is my breasts : ) I think because they are so big and full right now and more sensitive.
I am not feeling "sexy" persay when I see myself in the mirror...gosh, I feel like a rolypoly! But in the context of love/affection with my dh (and he is wonderful at praising me and complimenting me-he says that I look beautiful), I do feel quite a bit of desire
If it was something that alarmed you, then I believe it warrants at least discussion with your care provider.
My show did not come until I was already a couple of hours into some uncomfortable contractions/started to dilate.
Quote: Originally Posted by swampwitch I'm actually recording myself for some of the readings. I do yoga and meditation and like a certain cadence to some of the readings. DH reads way to fast and too "on," which I find to be annoying when I'm trying to relax. Wow! I've never thought of this and love the idea. I would imagine that it is our own internal "voice" that grounds us for everyday challenges and that hearing my own voice in labor (when...
This will be my first homebirth so I don't know what I'll listen to. I am going to assume that I'll want to hear what normally relaxes me/lifts my spirits and that I find enjoyable. I like Norah Jones, Jewel, Sarah McLaughlan (sp?).... As for readings, I intend to make a list of inspiration passages/quotes and to ask my dh to read one periodicallly between contractions.
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