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Quote: Originally Posted by Friday13th Hi Everyone! I'm in Stoneham, a little north of the city. I picked the username because we got married on Friday the 13th (on Crystal Lake if anyone watches horror movies, although we picked the place and then the date) I grew up in Stoneham....Cool to see another from there. How long have you lived there?
Thank so much!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla I know that they switched servers, they are probably tweaking some bugs. It works fine for me now though. Ya I was in fine all day yesterday. This happend to me the last time they switched. Can you post the link to the home page?
Where did they go this time?
Thats so weird.... Thanks for the link...it worked....Did they move servers or something...
I havent been able to get in for about a month now from 2 separate computers...It just keeps coming up page does not exsist Anyone have this problem?
[QUOTE=ndunn;6530289] Quote: Originally Posted by lilliansmom Why not just side car the crib with the rail off then so that baby can have his/her own mattress without movement and still be close to mom? : Also I should say that DP does not co-sleep with us. He is a maniac in bed. Tossing Turning every minute. I cant even sleep in the bed with him. I choose to sleep in the other room with my 2 yr old when she was born. From day one she was in...
I have been co-sleeping for 10 years. Neither of my children have seen the inside of a crib. Except maybe a few times when they played in the pile of laundry I always had growing in there before we got rid of that cage. Co-sleeping can be very fullfilling and an excellent bonding tool not only for you and your baby, but also your entire family.
I used to find them at Target but Im not sure they had them this year. I couldnt find any, I did buy a few at the Disney Store. They do have some that are not splashed in characters.
Quote: Originally Posted by Erinok If your doctor is recomending it I would go for it. I was supposed to be induced with my son, because he was so big, but I spontaniously went into labor the night before and gave birth an hour before my scheduled induction. I think induction beats having to have a c-section if those are the options, and besides, by that point your ready for the baby to come out!!! This is what I dont understand. Why does it...
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