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Our girls were about three.  Older DS is 2.5 and death is totally not on his radar yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by BreakfastyMichele Please tell me this is not the case with pockets, too. I have a great relationship with my Rumparooz. Will the love last? It could. I have seen people use FuzzyBunz for years and years. I can't seem to get more than about two years out of a pocket diaper, but I've seen others do much better than that.
You should check out bookcloseouts.com too. I get a lot of our cheap books there. What age do you expect your DD to be while she is reading/enjoying these books?
Our girls really enjoyed The Fairy Realm series. I believe the author (Emily Rodda) is Australian and does a lot of writing for children and teens. We haven't looked at any of her other books yet, but I plan to.
When we lived near family, we would do a little celebration with them. Just dinner and cake. We've never had a big friend party when we weren't near family, and so then we celebrated the birthday on the day.
I support any cloth diaper solution that works for somebody. But I am wary of recommending AIO diapers to people. I moved away from them because of their cost and lack of longevity. They are expensive. For the newborn stage, AIO diapers are more expensive than disposables if only one baby wears them. Also, they are unlikely to last through three or four kids (while prefolds and well made fitteds will). Some people also have trouble washing and drying AIO diapers...
Wow. A cloth verses disposable news piece with two people who used disposable diapers. I've never seen a cloth diaper with buttons. This person has no clue what she's talking about. I hate that people think disposables are more convenient, and not as messy as cloth. It's all what you're used to. We don't have a car. I would find it very inconvenient to be hauling large packages of diapers and wipes home from the store. The cloth diaper load is the easiest...
We have a Plan Toy dollhouse that is very similar in it's design. I think that Ryan's Room makes some other ones too. It's true that the open concept makes this type of dollhouse very good for more than one person to play with. I think the therapists like them too because they can more easily see what the child is playing and because the generic simple design lets kids project their own ideas more easily. Our 5 and 6 year old girls are still keen to play with the...
There are several different approaches to learning to read. My DD's kindergarten used the Guided Reading Levels scheme, and encouraged kids to apply a variety of strategies for reading. Context, pictures, learning sight words, sounding words out, knowing what words would be reasonable to expect, etc. I thought that it was a much better approach than pure phonics. Starfall is a great website. Our girls both loved it. A lot of early readers are really boring....
Our older DS is 2.5. He likes a lot of traditionally girlie things... but I think that this is mostly from social cues he gets from his sisters that pink and purple are preferred colours, barrettes are something you should always have in your hair, every outfit is better with a necklace, etc. I've never heard anything about preschool aged boys having a thing for pink. I know that some do, but I don't think it's super common.
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