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If you can get to a Birth Network meeting you will find lots of resources!!!  Congrats on the pregnancy :)
My recs are   Macomb Birth Network Metro Detroit Homebirth Circles Eileen Denomme
My sister lives on Fourth Street and Antionette, takes the bus out to see us and work 5 days per week in Mt Clemens (we are about a half an hour north) and absolutely loves it there.  I'm not sure I can give you much more help than that, but we homeschool also and you can PM me if you need any guidance in that area when you come :)
I couldn't seem to find you on Facebook but if these happen to make it into Macomb county...... well we'd really like to expose around Thanksgiving :)
Touch of Life Chiro in Shelby Twp.  We also do BirthNetwork meetings there, every second Thursday night at 7pm.  You could come to the meeting (free!)  learn about VBAC and talk to Dr. Sandie before even making an appointment :D
We are very interested in having NOCIRC at our events, even if we only have space for your brochures/flyers.  We also have breakout sessions that in the future may include CIRC info.  I don't remember denying a table however we did have limited space so ended up having a non-profit info table this time.  We will keep in touch!    
Bump for an updated flier and link to Facebook event page
has she contacted a lactation consultant, or several?  I was able to get my second daughter latched in a few days, she's got a really short frenelum
Hey mama... Dawn Mantas, former NAMI member not sure if you know her... started a co/op in St Clair.   FB me and I can get you her email, I haven't seen her post about it recently so she may have a yahoo group you can join for info...
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