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Hugs to all with sleep issues. Ada has actually been sleeping quite well this past week. And she's been all smiley! It's so cute!   My birthday was on Thanksgiving Day and thankfully it didn't suck! LOL I got a new pair of Vibrams. DH let the kids wrap the box, so they were so excited to watch me unwrap it. BIL is in town with the baby and didn't bring the psycho wife, so it's been a lovely weekend all around. ;-)   My foot is slowly healing. I can actually...
Quote:   Yes and yes.   nak
Ok, who else has reached the grabby stage? Ada's been stuffing the edge of her blanket in her mouth for days. Today she grabbed my hair, and just now, the front of my shirt. It's hard to get her little fingers to let go! 
Gawd, I hate that! Men, I swear.
BTW, thanks for 'listening' to me whine and vent. This is the only place I can get it off my chest.
Wish me luck... Mr. Crankypants woke up on the wrong side of the bed.   We (as in the entire family) spent yesterday cleaning/de-cluttering the house. There is still a ton to do, but it's looking better. My oldest DD goes back to her dad's house this evening, so the clock was ticking. DH was still in bed at noon. As I hobbled to the kitchen to make myself breakfast, I yelled to him to get up and said something about moving some boxes so I could maneuver around with...
Despite sitting on my butt most of the day (because of my foot) and hobbling around with a walker, I've lost one whole pound!    The Paleo/Primal lifestyle works well for me.
Normally I am just a participant for Thanksgiving, but this year I think I'll step up. I got a new cookbook yesterday: Make it Paleo  There are several yummy recipes that will be perfect for Thanksgiving. And it'll be nice to having something I can eat and not have to worry about what's in it.
Yeah, that is why I didn't back down from the fight this time. We not only have a baby, but also a destructive three year old. And he's not all that good about cleaning up after himself either.   After we got home from his mom's house and he finally came to bed, he told me "I said a lot of things today that I shouldn't have said and I'm sorry for making you feel bad". I didn't say a word. This morning he came up behind me (while I was making my own breakfast) and...
Let me start by saying 'karma's a bi#ch!'.    We sat down for a little talk. I kept my cool, pointed out how he's being a jerk. He said he's not happy with our relationship right now because of the house. Its cluttered. Puleesse. So I basically told him to shove it.   We had dinner plans out at his mom's tonight. On the way there, he managed to scrape the bottom of his beloved car not once, not twice, but three times! If that happens when I'm driving he gets all...
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