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Can I complain about what a jack@$$ my husband has been since my foot surgery?!?!? Gawd. I'll spare you most of the horrid details. It's not been nice.   I'm on crutches. I can barely get around. And I'm in searing pain since I won't nurse the baby while hopped up on hydrocodone. I am soooo sick of deep sighs and eye rolling. The house is a wreck. Filthy wreak. Yesterday I mentioned in case he ever wondered what I did all day, now he knew. Then he goes on to say the...
We tried to sub goats milk. She did drink some of it, but is now refusing. I did nurse her a few hours after taking hydrocodone, but she seemed agitated. It was freaky. So I've switched to extra strength tylenol. I'll try to pump and take hydrocodone only when I can't stand the pain. Otherwise, it's suffer and nurse her as normal. *sigh*
Quote: Pain meds for the foot surgery. I'm taking a low dose of hydrocodone for the pain. I have milk in the freezer, but have to pump and dump the fresh stuff.
I'm having to pump and dump because of the meds I'm taking and seeing that liquid gold go down the drain is really depressing.  
I'm joining in spirit... I had surgery yesterday to remove a bunion from my left foot. It'll take up to eight weeks to heal.   However, I have gone back to a Paleo way of eating... lean meats, eggs, lots of veggies and fruit, no grains, no soy, minimum dairy and sugar. It worked before pregnancy and should again.   For the record, I've been stuck at 170 lbs for two months. Blah.
Thank you!
i am scheduled for bunion surgery in less than two weeks. They tell me this is an in and out day surgery, but I will be knocked out for the procedure. I'm guessing they will also send me home with pain meds. I am wondering how much milk I need to have in the freezer for the baby. A days worth? A weeks worth? Please advise.
Carrie, stop it with the guilt and worrying! You are a good mama!   DH is dragging his feet with scheduling a vasectomy, so I have a consult appt on Wednesday for Adiana. I am so done with pregnancy. No more.
I had mine last week. It was just like before pregnancy.
Quote: PM me your email address. And welcome to your newest addiction. Bwahaha!!  
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