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Ada was super fussy last night from 10pm - 1:30am. We fell asleep on the couch at 2am. DH sent us back to bed when he left for work. She has been sleeping most of the day. Thankfully I convinced the three yr old to nap with us in the afternoon. I'm afraid she'll be up again tonight. It must be a growth spurt as she is getting super chunky.
We finally have cooler weather, so yesterday was the first time we went for a walk. It was just under a mile and slowish, but I did it! And thankfully (and finally), the scale moved down a bit. I'd like to say we'll be going out again today, but Ada had such a crappy night, I'd rather nap. I'm thinking of tracking my intake to see if something I am eating or drinking is bothering her. It will also keep me on the path of not eating junk.
Have you tried Gripe Water?
No advice, but couldn't read without posting. I hope it works out for you.
Same here! I had Ada in the sling just a little while ago just so I could work on a sewing project. I also nurse her in the sling every time we go out. It's much easier to wrangle the three yr old when the baby is in a sling.
Quote: This caught my attention because of my personal experience...   It took us 16 months of TTC, including six rounds of fertility treatments to get pregnant with our middle child. I switched to a quasi paleo diet (about 80% paleo) when she was two years old. Six weeks into it, I dropped 11 pounds and got pregnant. No meds, all natural! The change in my eating was the only change in my life!   I believe it when I hear wheat/gluten/grains inflame the body, especially...
I'm done. I'll be scheduling my Adiana procedure in a few weeks. DH is supposed to be getting a vasectomy, but hasn't scheduled anything yet.   Last time my cycles started back up six weeks pp despite EBFing. I can't risk an 'oops'.
I don't remember with the first one, but with the second one... six weeks to the day. She was EBF for six months. I was cheated.   I hope I don't get a repeat this time around, however it doesn't really matter... I am scheduling the Adiana procedure at my six week follow-up appointment with my midwife.
Carrie - I would think you'd be fine. You may bleed a little more afterward simply from uterine contractions.   At three weeks, Ada has already gained a pound and grown almost two inches. She is getting chunky! My pediatrician said "clearly breastfeeding is going well". 
Quote: My body isn't broken.  
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