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Ada will be three weeks old tomorrow and I'm down 18 lbs so far. I have 15 more to drop to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. However, I am already back in my fat jeans.   I can't screw around much longer... I've already announced to my personal training clients that I'll be back in business on September 19. 
Mine is comfortable.
Quote:   The hormone relaxin stays in your system for about six weeks after birth. That's your window of opportunity. Go for it!    
A friend of mine came over and took photos of Ada.   Cady even got in on the action.      
Quote:   Same here! My husband is stunned at the difference.   I'm using Shrinkx Hips and an elastic abdominal binder. I am thrilled with the results so far.
Quote: It's only been a short time. Patience, dear Mama.    I've only dropped 17 lbs since Ada was born on Aug 3rd.
Is today 'act like a jack@$s day'?     My husband woke up this morning announcing it was project day. He did a few things around the house this morning, but since then has spent the past seven hours sitting on the couch watching tv. And has the nerve to get all snippy when I ask him to help with the kids. Jerk.    I'm already frazzled since Ada has been cluster feeding all.day.long.  This day cannot end soon enough.
My doula posted this on FB. I love it! http://theleakyboob.com/2011/08/baby-explains-normal-newborn-behavior/
he's beautiful Mama!
Quote:   I am doing this right now with both baby clothes and maternity clothes. It's nice to have boxes of stuff leave my house! 
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