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  congrats mama! love her name.
I had a feeling when I woke this morning that this would be your day!
*squeal* happy baby day!
congrats Mama!
I wore my fat jeans today! I already asked DH to pull the rest of my non-maternity clothes down from the attic.
Quote: And I have three of those.  
I just realized the comfy linen pants I have on right now were too tight just last week! Yay for dropping baby weight!
OK, all of you need to have those babies soon! Charlie, flip for your Mama!   Ada has been cluster feeding all.day.long. Seriously, 20 minutes on one side, burp, fuss, 20 minutes on the other side, burp, fuss, rinse and repeat. The only good thing about being stuck on the couch is that I finally updated my blog and Etsy store with new graphics. She did nap for 30 minutes giving me a little chance to shower.   Today is Cady's 3rd birthday! We are having a party...
Quote: nak...    
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