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Quote:   She sounds like high maintenance and you so don't need that right now.
After Ada's ride home from the hospital, I realized a car seat cover would be a good idea. I was inspired by Jill's car seat cover, since her's opens in the front. The fabrics were two that looked decent together from my stash. Not my first choice, but already on hand.      
What do I feel GOOD about today?   I'm wearing 3" wedges! All we are doing is going to Costco, but dangit, I feel pretty!
Yes, the squishy muffin top is what did it. I was heading to my chiropractor appointment, so I didn't have any belly support.   However... I have been wearing both a postpartum support belt and Shrinkx Hips almost every day. If it does nothing else, my core feels so much more stable and way less wonky. Reining in the muffin top is just an added bonus.
Quote: Miss Ada slept six hours last night! I feel so rested.       Oooooohhhh, we are going to Costco this afternoon and I remember seeing those tops. I'll have to pick some up.    
Can I tell you how happy it makes me to grab just any ole pair of underwear and have them fit?    I was down to five pair that didn't make me crazy.  
After you have the baby, if you have been hanging out in your house wearing stretchy pants/short, but need to get dressed in real clothes to go somewhere... do NOT wait until 30 minutes before you have to leave to figure out what fits and what doesn't fit in your closet!    I tore through six pair of jeans and a couple of different shirts to find something that didn't make me cry. While Ada naps, I need to spend some time trying on everything and sort it into 'can...
Quote:   nak...   congrats!!
congratulations mama!
Look what I made! I also made the quilt.   The fabric top is 'Little Apples' by Aneela Hoey for Moda Fabrics, the back is fabrics I pulled together because I love grey, white and turquoise.    
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