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congratulations mama!
Quote: My husband steered clear of me for the most part and let my doula handle me. I think he learned from last time... 'don't touch me!'    BTW, he clearly realized his mistake this morning and has made up for it. Men.
Saying "you know I got less sleep than you" to a postpartum woman is not the way to start the day. 
Those tablets saved my sanity with my first and second born! I'd love to try the new ones with the new one.
On Tuesday morning, since my midwife was still out of town, I had my 39 week appointment with the OB that would be supervising my un-medicated VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans).  I texted my doula on the way to ask if we should even bother with a pelvic exam. There had been no change in the previous two checks, and I was starting to get bummed out and didn't care to know. I was showing no signs of upcoming labor anyway. She said it wouldn't hurt to check, just in...
Our baby girl was born this morning at 11:05. VBA2C with four hours of labor! 7lbs, 4ozs. 19 1/4" long. Both of us are doing fine.
Quote: Not if you remember my midwife is out of town until my EDD.   Perhaps the munchkin is just waiting until she gets back!
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