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I have all my inventory from when I shut down my store. : I really shouldn't need any more, but you never know......
Quote: Originally Posted by reiterin I got a Medela PIS and for me it was a lifesaver. It was worth the $$. I was just about to post the same! Medela PIS is so worth the money. I would pump one side while baby fed on the other.
I've been living in Bestform sports bras. You can get them at WalMart for about $8. They hook in the front so you don't get the uniboob look. Underwire is bugging me too much to wear it. If you need more support, I love Decent Exposures
Thanks for the information ladies! I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow. That trip shouldn't be so bad, but I'll be traveling overseas in my 27th week. Hopefully I'll be OK.
Thank you! I'm glad to know someone else is dealing with this. I'm getting 4-5 hours of sleep at night. Sometimes I can nap during the day, but it's like I'm not tired enough to do anything more than capnap. That said, every few nights I'll sleep 9-10 hours as if I'm catching up. I'll try a warm bath tonight before bed.
Maybe I'm just being weird about this, but I haven't even scheduled the first appointment yet. I'm only at 6 weeks. I think I'm waiting to make sure the little bean sticks. Anyone else? That said, I'll probably call this week to schedule. Knowing my luck, I won't be able to get in for another couple of weeks!
We'll be waiting until Valentine's Day to tell everyone.
My due date is 8/27.
I've been with Melaleuca for over a year. I love the products. The cleaners work just fine, the personal care products are great (i.e. toothpaste, body wash) and the first aid products are wonderful. Tea tree oil has healed many a scratch or bug bite in this household.
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