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For those who are a native English speakers (without having grown up with a different language in the home) and started learning another language in late childhood or older and speak it reasonably well, but with some mistakes and an accent, and socialize with some frequency with native speakers of your other language-- Do you ever have the problem of native speakers of that other language, when you start speaking to them in that language, answering you automatically in...
Question for those with daughters and husbands that are SAHDs-- Are your mothers (or mothers in law) convinced b/c of your division of labor situation that your daughters are not getting enough feminine influence and they must ride to the rescue to fill in the void (b/c clearly you working mother cannot)? Just wondering.
I suppose some would and some wouldn't -- I think those American couples who adopt Russian children, for example, often do try to get them some exposure to Russian culture -- some of the Russian Saturday schools are set up with programs for adopted kids in mind.
I have a different perspective b/c I have a different situation (I can understand how difficult your position is)...but just to put it out there that sometimes it can be good. I knew when I married DH that I probably would be the main earner always, so I signed up for it, which probably makes a difference in the dynamic of the whole thing. DH is a good cook (largely self taught being as everything he makes tastes better than his mother's cooking) and decent with most...
I have the same problem with my Russian crowd -- not so much jokes as comments. With an American telling offensive jokes (not something I've come across lately much), I would say something like, I don't think that's funny and you know why it isn't funny and I don't want to hear it. With the Russians I usually try to explain why they're wrong b/c I know a lot of what they say is out of ignorance (racial sensitivity isn't exactly big in Russia), but it can be difficult.
I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I did love my GG-- even when it was bad, it was still so much better than most everything else out there. I watch Ugly Betty but that's it and it's a different kind of show. There's nothing to replace the Gilmores. I tried an episode of Gossip Girl (also produced in part by Amy Sherman Palladino) just to see if it could be a mildly entertaining guilty pleasure but it was all guilt and no pleasure. Someday when DD is older I'll...
I voted yes but that's b/c DD is 17 months and I need to follow her around the towers to make sure she doesn't fall from the higher places. Once I feel pretty good about her taking care of herself in that respect, and not getting pushed too much around when other kids are on the playground sets, I plan to be doing some reading while the kids are on the playground.
I just hope not too many parents have rigid rules about males in the house b/c my DD will not get to invite anyone over (except on the weekends I guess) since she has an older brother and DH is at home with the kids and will be after school with them too.:
I think the Trader Joe chicken nuggets are about as good as you can get -- you can tell the chicken is not as processed and they don't have the greasy feel of fast food chicken nuggets.
"The Golden Calf" by Ilf and Petrov, the prequel to the classic "12 Chairs". This is Russian literature not very well known in the U.S., although I'm pretty sure 12 Chairs is available in translation. It's farce basically set in the 20s when Russia was er... starting to build "socialism" and it really is ha ha in all senses, although the authors were for socialism themselves. It didn't stop them from making fun of everyone though. It may take me until November to read...
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