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Check out the live chat transcript on Leaky Cauldron -- a lot of questions are answered
The UK versions have adult and children's cover art, two choices. The US children's cover art I like better than the UK children's cover art, but I very much like the UK adult cover art. I think you could see them all on the Bloomsbury Publishing website
So where does everyone order their UK books from? The American Amazon has some, but is it easier from amazon.co.uk, or is there somewhere else better? The ebay prices were very high.
I think Snape was becoming a better person but died before the process was fully realized (for example, the not so bad detention he gave Neville, etc in the end) and though he could engage in petty cruelty, I think he was horrified by true, awful, pain inducing or killing cruelty even if he thought about it sometimes (like his septrum whatever it was curse). I think if he had lived he would also have gone on to live better than he did before. He disliked Harry for...
The US editor said that from the third or fourth book on there's been very few changes. I have the first two in paperback and the others in hardbound -- I plan on replacing those two paperback with the British versions since they are the most likely to have been edited. I would also prefer the original version, but since the later books were not so heavily edited I probably won't worry about it since I'm not as inclined to toss out hardcovers. You can get the UK...
Apparently on the upcoming Today interview with Rowling she says she intends to write the encyclopedia with a lot of backstory. But not for a while.
I accio quoted on the numbers issue, this is what she said: "Well, Hogwarts. All right. Here is the thing with Hogwarts. Way before I finished “Philosopher's Stone,” when I was just amassing stuff for seven years, between having the idea and publishing the book, I sat down and I created 40 kids who enter Harry's year. I'm delighted I did it, [because] it was so useful. I got 40 pretty fleshed out characters. I never have to stop and invent someone. I know who’s in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by PinksMommy This thread needs http://www.potterpuppetpals.com/ hehehehehe Enjoy, ladies and daddies! Ridikulous!! Where can I get me some of those puppets (and why is Dumbledore naked)? I was actually thinking last night it would be cool to try and make some Harry hand puppets someday.
Quote: Originally Posted by HappiLeigh Someone asked this a couple pages back, but I lost where it was so I can't quote. I think Snape fully intended for Harry to see ALL of those memories. The humiliating ones about Lilly AND the ones relating to the prophesy. And once again, I'm going to defend the hokey ending. The whole series was about familial love, the power of love in general, the bonds of family. Yet every single time Harry started to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleS I can't wait to start reading the book again within a couple of days. To really settle into it, take my time with it, and try to glean so much more than I did with my first, (admittedly) rather rushed reading. Anyone else starting another reading? I think I'll wait a few years actually.
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