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Oh my word. My sister & her husband are HORRIBLE. They have two children~ a 4 yo son and a 2 yo daughter. Their daughter (in their eyes) is a perfect little angel and gets no punishment whatsoever. Their son, though. The poor kids. First of all, he's a little stinker. ha ha. BUT that is still no excuse~ they flick him in the mouth/cheek; pull him by his ear; she's told him she's sending him to jail if he doesn't listen; he's always running away from them-- he was...
What a great reminder post. I've been to the pool twice with my sister & her kids. Each time one of her kids had to be pulled out of the pool b/c they were face down. The first time her oldest was face down-- we have no idea how long he was face down. Since then I've had my son and I will NOT leave his side, even in the 1 foot deep baby pool. Sadly, my sister hasn't learned her lesson and this year her daughter ended up falling in and was face down. I had to point it...
DS took forever to take a bottle. We started with playtex nursers and went through avent, gerber, preemies, etc. Finally, we went back to playtex and he took them. I think the flow was too fast for him at first. Good luck!
I returned to work when Luke was 10 weeks old. I was fortunate to have an aide that year, so in the morning, I'd leave for about 15 minutes while she stayed with the class. And then I pumped during lunch. Then, we had an afternoon recess that I was able to pump during. I didn't have a mini fridge, but a coworker who also pumped at school did. So, she had no issues with me keeping my bottles of milk in her fridge! LOL Good luck!
We didn't start Luke on a bottle until about 8 weeks (2 weeks before I had to head back to work). It took him awhile to get used to the bottle, but I think it was a matter of finding a bottle that worked for him. (Playtex Nursers are what ended up working for us.) I don't really remember how I got my initial EBM bottle. I suppose I just pumped between feedings. But I pumped at work at the times he would normally eat to keep up with his bottle feedings. (Does that...
Ditto the transition time. I'm a teacher, so I'm off in the summers. And even though Luke has been going to DC since he was 10 weeks old, he still is a little leary of it when we both go back to school in the fall. I usually go with him a day or two before I have to return to show him that everything is fine. For him, it only takes a day or two and he's fine. Your son will be fine!!
I like Attached@theHippie ... or it's something like that.
FCB Nightlights w/knitted or crocheted wool over the top works wonders for our heavy wetter! Or Disposanots Nights work just as well!
Yep, my 18 year old cousin has been arrested several times for it and also drinking and driving at the same time. He had his trial a few weeks ago and is on house arrest. His family is completely broken about it. He has two younger siblings-- 8th & 9th grade.
Ditto the two-piece. I have been in three weddings in the past 5 years and all three had two-piece dresses, so they aren't hard to come by or out of style or anything. My sister was nursing my nephew, who was 3 months old, at my wedding. She nursed him right before the wedding and then immediately after. Make sure you have a towel or something on your lap, though... she had a HUGE wet spot on her skirt right before the processional!! ha ha! Thank God for blow dryers!
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