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I'm a second grade teacher. The only regular homework I send home is the day's reading book to read at home and bring back the next day. Occasionally I'll send a math workbook page home to review/practice that day's math lesson. That's it. I don't know HOW many parents call/email/come in and ask why their kid doesn't have homework, could i send extra stuff home, even if it's just copies of practice sheets. thing is, I don't HAVE anything to copy! so I just...
Yes, totally! I attended public school from K-12 grade. I learned; I was always top in the class. I now teach in a public school & I know how hard the teachers work to get the kids where they are.
Wow! I think that's a lot to ask of a kindergartener! I teach 2nd grade and that sounds like a lot of the skills they work on in first grade. I would have to agree with you about giving her an extra year in kindergarten rather than cramming it all in in two months and over the summer, especially since she's young. That's not to say I don't think you should work with her over the summer... just make it fun & applicable to real life-- counting stairs as you go up and...
: sorry, but that is funny! I hope you got it all out alright!
At 6 years old, if i was DESPERATE, I'd probably send her in on her own to the ladies room. I would be standing right there waiting for her to come out and watching everyone. That poor dad, though!!!
Well, DH pretty much decided two was it for us, so I guess that's how we decided. lol I think I'll feel done after we have a second. It's perfect for us.
DS is long and thin, as well. We used a Britax Marathon and it was perfect for us! I was in an accident last year and I upgraded to a Britax Wizard, which is the same as a Marathon, but has "head wings" from what I understand. HTH
Hi! i was SUPPOSED to be a Jan. 04 mom, but Luke had other plans. I was due on 1/24/04, and Luke was born on 2/1/04 after more than 2 days of labor. He was worth it! I'm Kristin, DH is Joel. We'll be married 4 years in June. Luke is our first baby and I cannot believe he's 2 already! We're hoping to TTC #2 sometime this summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by poitzenlock BTW, can your kids jump off the ground with both feet? mine can't and she desperately wants to. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a Feb 04 mommy!!! I found you all! To answer the above question, Luke can jump, but he's been working on it SO hard for about 3 months now! :rofl He's probably been doing it really good for a month. And as far as the language development goes... I just emailed my dr. about my...
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial I will be taking a newborn in May. Her Mom would like me to use cloth diapers. She will be taking the diapers home at night to wash. How do your provides do this? Do they put them in a bag each night? Do I need a separate diaper pail? Do I use plastic bags, or a waterproof fabric bag? What works for you? I used cloth for my own daughter, but that was 13 years ago. Diaper pails were simple, just lift...
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